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About us

The Official State Gazette of 27 September 2006 included ORDER FOM/2942/2006, dated 11 September, which granted administrative concession for the construction and operation of the Málaga Motorway, section: Alto de las Pedrizas-Málaga. This led to the founding of the concessionaire company known as Autopista del Guadalmedina, Concesionaria Española SA in November 2006. The AP-46 Motorway has been designed as an alternative to the A-45 dual-carriageway, which is currently the main northern access route into the city of Málaga and surrounding area. The AP-46 opened to traffic on 28 October 2011.

The AP-46 motorway will run through the municipalities of Antequera, Casabermeja, Almogía and Málaga for 28 kilometres, in a north-south direction from Alto de Las Pedrizas (Villanueva de Cauche) to Puerto de la Torre (northwest Málaga), where it will join the future Málaga West Ring-Road.

Alto de las Pedrizas-Málaga is one of the most unique and technically-complex roads among the roads currently that have been built in Spain, as there are 27 bridge and viaduct constructions, viaducts on piles with a height of more than 100 metres spanning 7 kilometres, with two of the piles having a length exceeding 800 metres. There are also 2.2 kilometres of double tunnels.

It has an electronic toll system that allows drivers to pay without having to stop, as well as significant reductions on the toll fee. This greatly benefits the flow of heavy goods vehicles entering and leaving Málaga.

The AP-46 also has a service area on each side and a main toll area located next to the toll control building. In the main building is the control centre from which any incidents on the motorway will be monitored 24 hours a day, with response times under 15 minutes for any location within the concession.

We boast the most advanced technology in traffic-management systems: CCTV cameras covering the entire motorway, SOS points, variable message panels, automatic incident-detection systems and public address systems in tunnels.

In addition, our users can enjoy a site of special cultural interest: a Roman Villa located in the service area on the way to Alto de las Pedrizas.